Art prints are sold UNFRAMED.

Where can I buy a frame?

These prints fit in most standard frames depending on the size so finding the right frame shouldn't be difficult. You have few options:

Ready made: 

  1. Art stores (Michaels, Deserres etc.)
  2. Large retail store (Ikea, Target, Walmart etc.)
  3. Local stores like dollar stores usually have simple frames that fit the Small size (8 by 10 inch) prints. All my images for the small size prints were taken with simple frames that cost less than $3 (no one believes me!) 


If you take the print to a local framing store, you'll have tons of options. I would still suggest a simple frame for a classy look but the great thing about custom framing is that you'll get a glass finish with a custom matte border. The end result is definitely jaw dropping and most people can't tell whether its a print or a real painting! 

What kind of frame should I get?

Seen here: Simple brushed gold frame. 

Seen here: Simple brushed gold frame. 

Try sticking to simple frames that have a white matte border for a overall classy look. I usually suggest a clean frame so the border isn't distracting. The white matte definitely helps keep the focus on the art and usually adds more inches to the overall frame size. Tones like black, brushed gold, white etc. always compliment the art so well. 

REMEMBER: Once the print is framed, it will look much larger since the frame and matte border will add multiple inches to all four sides. Keep this in mind when measuring the space on your wall.


Ikea Frames that fit my prints

Small/Regular Size Prints: Ikea has these great gold frames called Virserum. Shop ikea here

M, L or XL Size Prints: The below 3 frames called Ribba are available at Ikea. They usually carry frames in black, white, grey & brown. I use these frames for display purposes and I love them! Shop ikea here.

*Some locations may not carry these styles. Always check the size that fits inside the matte border. 

RIBBA series. This picture was taken by me at my local Ikea store.

RIBBA series. This picture was taken by me at my local Ikea store.